Underrated Native Plants – Poverty Oats

In the world of ornamental native grasses, Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) by far enjoys the most widespread use. It is highly adaptable, fills in quickly and readily propagates itself. However, it is a big grass. In larger properties with ample space it can be left to do it’s thing, but in smaller spaces, it can crowd […]

Party Animal Plant

Maryland Meadow Beauty (Rhexia mariana) Rhexia mariana is one of those plants that I discovered when developing a project plant list from a natural plant community analog. I would have otherwise never have considered it. Three years later, it has filled in quite nicely in the lower parts of the SPSC that I built where there […]

Hidden Treasure

Lately I’ve been taking the dog to what is referred to as Quiet Waters Retreat, since it is easy access from my neighborhood, and she doesn’t particularly care for the nearby dog park. It is a 19-acre property that AACo spared from private development, only to turn around with it’s own development plans. For some […]

Spring peepers dispute People’s Choice Award selection

We may not have won the BUBBA’s People’s Choice, but the same can’t be said for Frog’s Choice. I have previously spotted amphibian eggs and tadpoles in the vernal pool, but tonight was the first time I actually heard the frogs, down the street, from my front door. So attached below is some video I […]


2021 Best Residential Project – A Different Approach to “Fixing” Drainage

The Vernal Pool, (A Different Approach to “Fixing” Drainage) took top honors in the residential category at the 2021 BUBBAs on Wednesday, March 10th. You can read the full description of our project in our previous post: https://welspryng.llc/welspryng-selected-as-a-finalist-in-the-2021-bubbas/ But wait, there’s more! Voting is open to the public through May 24th to select the Best […]

Vernal Pool

Welspryng selected as a finalist in the 2021 BUBBAs

The Best Urban BMP in the Bay Awards contest (BUBBAs) recognizes the best practices and programs being implemented in the urban environment across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The BUBBAs shine a light on innovators in the field who are using new and creative techniques to treat runoff and restore local watersheds. The Vernal Pool (A […]

Mow and Blow, Oh No

Not unlike certain periodic check-ups at the doctor’s office, maintenance is an often unpleasant but necessary task for maintaining the health and performance of a BMP (Best Management Practice) facility. By this time of year, maintenance contracts should be squared away and the first maintenance visits should be in the works. For many of these […]

Let’s Talk About Pipe (Yay!)

There may come a time when you need a stormwater or drainage solution that requires sub-surface drainage i.e. pipes. Two kinds of pipe are commonly used in small scale drainage projects. Corrugated plastic pipe and rigid PVC pipe are comparable in material cost but differ significantly in installation cost and reliability. Corrugated plastic pipe is […]